BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master- travis-ci: Remove the branch filterfuscated3 days
release-16.01* UI: Fix redraw problem on ubuntu because freeze/thaw are used in a wrong wayfuscated2 years
release_12.11* disable EditorTweaks "auto-buffer/scrolll" by default in the release branch...mortenmacfly7 years
release_13.12* wxScintilla related build-fix for the Macmortenmacfly6 years
release_17.12- Bump debian version.jenslody22 months
17.12-svncodeblocks-17.12-svn.tar.bz2  codeblocks-17.12-svn.tar.xz  fuscated3 days
16.01-svncodeblocks-16.01-svn.tar.bz2  codeblocks-16.01-svn.tar.xz  pecanh23 months
3.1.0-mastercodeblocks-3.1.0-master.tar.bz2  codeblocks-3.1.0-master.tar.xz  fuscated2 years
13.12-svncodeblocks-13.12-svn.tar.bz2  codeblocks-13.12-svn.tar.xz  mortenmacfly4 years
13.12codeblocks-13.12.tar.bz2  codeblocks-13.12.tar.xz  mortenmacfly6 years
13.12-rc2codeblocks-13.12-rc2.tar.bz2  codeblocks-13.12-rc2.tar.xz  jenslody6 years
13.12-rc1codeblocks-13.12-rc1.tar.bz2  codeblocks-13.12-rc1.tar.xz  mortenmacfly6 years
12.11codeblocks-12.11.tar.bz2  codeblocks-12.11.tar.xz  mortenmacfly7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 days- travis-ci: Remove the branch filterHEAD17.12-svnmasterfuscated1-5/+0
3 days* UI: Fix keybinder warning for Ctrl-P being duplicatedfuscated1-2/+2
3 days* UI: Fix two asserts for incorrect use of wxALIGN_LEFT when opening the Proj...fuscated2-2/+0
5 days* compiler: SDCC update (ticket #889, thanks Philipp Klaus Krause)fuscated1-10/+31
10 days* SpellChecker: Speedup by moving code out of loop and advancing the position...bluehazzard1-6/+28
10 days- BrowseTracker: Remove BrowseXpms.h from all build systemsfuscated7-7/+0
10 days* BrowseTracker: Make the signpost image to be HiDPI awarefuscated13-201/+20
10 days- BrowseTracker: Use Make indents consistent commandfuscated1-218/+221
10 days* UI: SpellChecker - add Spanish flag images (ticket #881, thanks Miguel Gime...fuscated9-0/+0
10 days* sdk: Remove duplicated calls to AddBuildTarget for generated filesfuscated1-9/+0